May 2020

by Bob on May 10, 2020

Somehow, it feels like nothing has changed in the last month, although it has, but…

The cool temperatures and frequent rain are still with us.  The present forecast promises some relief two weeks from now and we can hope that the $1,100 in propane we got two weeks ago will last that long.  Peonies seem to have escaped the frosts and are continuing to grow, with some buds showing on the earlier maturing varieties, but they are growing slowly with more variation in maturity than we remember in more normal years.

We are starting to harvest flowers, but, alas, have no way to sell them.  We now have columbine, cosmos, dahlias, bells of Ireland, and the first dianthus.  Let’s hope the gov opens up the state soon.

We’ve been busy pulling out blueberries, moving sedum yarrow and rhubarb, fixing greenhouses, changing the watering system, fixing equipment, and waiting for the (world famous) asparagus to put in an appearance.  Soon it will be hotter and drier than we want, but we sure would like some sunshine and warmth now.

The photographs show the growth inside the big greenhouse and the peony beds.  It’s interesting to  compare these with the ones included last month.

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