How to Purchase

It is important that our customers understand that we live and work on a farm and do not have a typical “flower shop”.  Our work is done as orders arrive and we make specific arrangements for each delivery or pickup.  We do not have arrangements and bouquets sitting in a cooler just waiting for someone to drop by so please plan (and call) ahead! For a map and directions see the Contact page.

Weddings: For a wedding consultation, please call or write so we can agree on a date, time and place for a meeting that usually takes two hours.  We would like you to come to the farm so you can see our facilities and understand how we work.

General Orders: For other flowers please give us a few days between your order and the date the work is desired.  This allows us to order special flowers if they are needed and to purchase flowers and supplies from the wholesaler.  You can either pick up the flowers at the farm or we can deliver them.  If we use your containers (which is less expensive) we need to make arrangements to pick them up or have them dropped off.

Bouquets For Business: We run a route on  Monday or Tuesday each week for a number of clients in the Ligonier area that have standing orders.  Because we can usually coordinate this with other deliveries, delivery is  free.  Let us know if you are interested.  We can do bouquets and arrangements of all sizes.  They especially brighten up reception areas and conference rooms.  Small ones are nice to have on your desk!

Deliveries in General: We do not try to make money from deliveries,  but they do take time and incur truck expense.  Whenever possible we will try to keep costs down by coordinating them with our other travel, but if we must make special trips please understand why we need to be compensated for the work.

Payment: At this time we are not set up to process credit card payments. Cash or a check will be fine.